Academic Careers

It is still the norm in academia: the higher the qualification, the less women you see. Although the numbers have increased – thanks to targeted measures for the advancement of women and in gender equality efforts, along with a corresponding legal framework – equal opportunities are still a long way off.

JGU has developed a number of gender equality measures that take into account the different career phases of young female researchers, especially during the critical phase following the doctorate (post-doc phase).

Our Young Female Researchers Program (ProWeWin) offers long-term support in the form of training and personal counseling.

Offers for individual mentoring are provided for young female researchers in almost all subject areas:

  • As part of the Young Female Researchers Program, the Christine de Pizan Mentoring Program offers support and networking to young female researchers in the humanities and social sciences as well as in music and art.
  • The MeMentUM Program at the University Medical Center supports young female researchers.
  • The Ada Lovelace Program offers a mentoring program to young female researchers in the natural sciences.

Furthermore, the guidelines for the appointment of professors [Leitfaden für die Besetzung von Professuren] were expanded in 2011 to include an important component: the active recruitment of women.

In order for universities to implement this active recruitment, and for their own positioning, (junior) female researchers are encouraged to register and network in the relevant databases.