Research Funding

How can I finance my research project? My post-doc position? My habilitation? A trip to a congress? Publications? These questions reach us often, and there are several ways to receive funding, as well as quite a bit of information:


Research and Technology Transfer

At JGU, the responsible department is the Research and Technology Transfer department, which not only offers advice, but also has an online database on research programs and research-funding institutions. Additionally, the department is responsible for processing applications for inter-university research funding.


Ministry of Science, Continuing Education, and Cultural Affairs

In the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, the Ministry also offers information on the promotion of women in science (link in German). In this area, Rhineland-Palatinate offers re-entry funding for female scientists who interrupted their research in order to raise children, a training program for teaching at universities of applied sciences (Mary Somerville Program), as well as a limited number of junior professorships. The Equality and Diversity Office is happy to advise you on these opportunities.


Federal Ministry of Education and Research

You can download further information, including information specifically for young researchers, on the pages of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Additionally, the Federal Funding Advisory Service – Research and Innovation is a first point of contact for all questions regarding support for research and innovation. It informs potential applicants about the federal research structures, the funding programs and their respective contact persons, as well as about current research focuses and initiatives.

Furthermore, there is a database (in German) which gives you a complete and current overview of the funding programs of Germany, the German states, and the European Union.


The Center of Excellence Women and Science (CEWS)

The CEWS regularly puts out job postings, competitions, scholarships, calls for papers, etc.


Funding Conference and Congress Trips

You can find current information on general as well as subject-specific funding opportunities here.


Publication Funding

We have created a list of publication funding opportunities for women and in the field of women and gender research.

You can find further funding opportunities here.

Even further possibilities for financial support can be found on the GYR’s website for young researchers and artists.