The Equality and Diversity Office

The Equality and Diversity Office is one of the president’s staff units. It spans the working areas Equality for Men and Women and Diversity Management. Two full time employees work at the Office, supported by a half-time office assistant position, project employees, and student assistants.

The Office’s duties include the conception, development, and implementation of measures in the academic, technical, and managerial areas of work which are intended to further the actual equality of men and women, as well as the development of a diversity-oriented university culture.

Furthermore, the Office advises university leadership and the university on a central and non-central level in regard to the strategic further development of their activities regarding women’s advancement, equality, and diversity.

In addition, the Office is contact point for JGU members for:

  • Counseling for questions on equality while studying, in a profession, or striving for qualifications
  • Career counseling for young female researchers
  • Crisis and conflict intervention
  • Cases of sexual violence and harassment
  • Cases of sexual discrimination
  • Equality-relevant counseling for writing applications
  • Counseling for gender-fair and diversity-oriented teaching

You are welcome to call us, send us an e-mail, or schedule an appointment for personal counseling.