The application for the mentoring program is a two-step process.:

  1. Handing in application materials
  2. Interview

The application and the interview serve two purposes – deciding who may enter the program and which potential mentor might be a good fit.

Applications are possible once a year. The deadline is published on the homepage.

Application Materials:

The application materials to be handed in include a letter of motivation, a resumé in the form of a table, and a profile sheet for mentees of the Christine de Pizan program. The motivational letter should include career ambitions, how the program can support these, as well as what the mentee expects of a future mentor.

We recommend already naming a potential mentor.

Please submit the application per mail or e-mail to:

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität
Stabsstelle Gleichstellung und Diversität
z.Hd. Monika Stegmann M.A.
Forum universitatis 3
Saarstr. 21
55099 Mainz