Senate Equality Commissioner

Senate Equality Commissioner Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sylvia Thiele (FB 05 - Romanisches Seminar)
Equality Commissioner Assistant

Ayşe Gürel

C.R. Raffele

Substitutes N.N.


The Senate’s Equality Commissioner and her substitutes
  • advise and support university leadership, councils, and committees in strategically implementing the equality of men and women;
  • advise and connect the faculty equality commissioners;
  • advise researchers and leadership personnel on equality measures and strategies in applications, faculties, organizational units, etc.;
  • counseling in equality-relevant crisis and conflict situations as well as in cases of sexual harassment, discrimination, and violence;
  • accompany selection procedures, including appointments, promotions, upgrades, and promotions into the next career levels in areas women are underrepresented in;
  • are empowered by the Higher Education Act (Hochschulgesetz) to pass judgement on university procedures and structures in view of implementing the principle of equal treatment and give out warnings in case of unsatisfactory performance.

The university appoints an employee of the university to fill the position of Senate Equality Commissioner every three years.

The Senate Equality Commissioner’s tasks are to support the university in dismantling disadvantages women face and in the university’s realization of equal opportunity in teaching, research, and further education according to § 2(3) and § 4 (4) to (7) and (9) of the Higher Education Act. In her position, she can present questions relevant to women to all of the university’s boards and committees, as well as to the faculties. She has the rights of speech and petition. She takes part in all personnel, social, and organizational measures affecting women and has the right to take a position on these. Decisions made against her position must be reviewed upon her application and decided again (§ 4 (5) of the Higher Education Act).