Rhineland-Palatinate Re-Entry Funding

The Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry for Science, Continuing Education, and Cultural Affairs offers re-entry scholarships for women in scientific research twice a year.

The re-entry scholarships are an effective tool to reintegrate and further qualify female researchers, as they allow women the chance to finish scientific work they already began, after time spent caring for children or other family members or qualifying professional activity.

Re-entry scholarships are also available for women who, upon graduating, first had several years of extramural work experience and would like to receive their doctorate in order to qualify for a professorship. A combination with the “Mary Somerville" program is possible (link in German).


  • University degree or doctoral degree with an above average result,
  • Pause in scientific activity due to caring for children or other family members for a maximum of five years, or because of more than five years of qualifying professional activity (of which at least three years were extramural) before the scholarship comes into effect,
  • Re-entry by continuing or finishing an already started research project at a Rhineland-Palatinate higher education institution with the goal of further qualifying for a professorship or earning a doctorate.


  • Interview with the Equality and Diversity Office and preliminary examination of the application,
  • Application submitted to the president through the Equality and Diversity Office containing: summary of the previous academic career path, the scientific work to be continued with the help of the scholarship, as well as information on the above prerequisites,
  • Deadlines are February 1st and August 1st of every year
    Please note: the deadline refers to the date of submission to the Ministry.
    Applications must be submitted to the Equality and Diversity Office by June 10th! (summer semester: December 10th). Scholarships usually begin on October 1st and April 1st.

Please include (in German):

  • Conclusive cover letter including a short summary of previous academic career path and how long the research project has been interrupted
  • Overview of the planned research, including a plausible date and work schedule
  • Resumé in the form of a table (including family status, number and birth dates of children)
  • If applicable, copies of the birth certificates
  • Copy of the examination certificates for all higher education degrees, as well as job references or proof of freelance work
  • Two references from professors in an advising capacity on the applicant’s merit and the state of the research. The professors should include their opinion on their advisory role and the likely end date of the research.
  • Please submit all documents per PDF and per hard copy.
  • Equality commissioner’s vote – please note: this takes place after the documents have been submitted

Scholarship Awarding

  • The scholarship is awarded for the period of one year and is non-recurring. During this time, we expect the recipient to work on the project in a manner similar to a full-time job. Alternatively, you can apply for a part-time scholarship (50%) with two years run-time (in this case, the child-care bonus is also halved). You can apply to shift from full-time to a part-time scholarship once.
  • In well-founded cases, an extension of the scholarship of up to six subsequent months is possible. The application must be submitted when the scholarship is first awarded.
  • Every six months, the Ministry is to receive a report (through Equality and Diversity Office) on the work progress and the time plan from the scholarship recipient and their advisors.
  • The scholarship amount is 1000 Euro for doctoral students and 1300 Euro when qualifying for a professorship.
  • Additionally, there are child-care bonuses for 150 Euro for one child, 200 Euro for two children, 250 Euro for three and 300 Euro for four children and more.