Equal Opportunity in the DFG’s Funding Process

For the assessment of applications for funding (SFB, SFB/Transregio, GRK, FOR), aspects of equal opportunity play a large role now. You can (and should) apply for funds for equal opportunity measures, for which GRK and FOR have set aside15,000 Euro, and SFB 30,000 Euro.

You can find information on how to submit applications and implement equal opportunity measures on the page of the Research and Technology Transfer Department. In the download section, you can find a flow chart, a short text on equal opportunity at JGU. Planning and Controlling provides relevant statistics for each faculty. Furthermore, you can find links to the relevant DFG-leaflets, as well as the DFG toolbox.

Planning the measures correctly for each target-group, faculty culture, and constellation of persons is a challenge when submitting an application. On application submission in general, the staff of Research and Technology Transfer can help, and we are happy to support you on equal opportunity measures.